From Sea To Table, Best Seafood Dinner ever in Cozumel

When passionate people meet together, unbelievably beautiful things can happen. A sustainable spear fisherman met a creative Chef. The future of Fishing will be found in a heritage building in Cozumel. Your best Seafood Dinner ever…?  Spearfishing Today strongly believes in the from Sea to Table concept. We do not spear a Fish to just kill it. We take out food for the day and eat it. Restaurant El Palomar is well known for its location, “everybody knows the building”, and definitely as well for its Island Cuisine, the veranda and the bar with ocean view.

El Palomar, built in 1903, is one of the most representative buildings in Cozumel.

El Palomar Cozumel Old Picture

It has been a silent witness of the transformation of the island of Cozumel. Despite of corrosion, hurricanes and the continuous interest of people to tear down the building . El Palomar is already considered a heritage of Cozumel. Did you know…that the origin of the name El Palomar is a mix of two last names “Palomeque  – Martinez”? Together they they make Palomar.

El Palomar nowadays

Today El Palomar is a great restaurant – bar (  and the Dinner creations of chef Paola Torroella you will not soon forget (that counts as well for the Sunsets, what a view).

El Palomar Cozumel Today

Paola, the Chef of El Palomar : “At El Palomar we use high quality raw materials from local producers. So working together with SpearfishingToday matches our vision. I love the idea that people go out Spearfishing in Cozumel, are being educated about sustainable Fishing and with the catch of the day, they are being introduced to El Palomar. I also love the idea that we will only know when the Fresh Fish arrives with us, what the catch actually is. And then it is up to us to show our guests what is Island Cuisine. Best Seafood Dinner ever? I would say so. You catch your own Seafood during the day and then during Sunset, you’ll be eating it for Dinner with new Island Cuisine flavors…”

Mexican Antojitos

Leo, owner / guide of SpearfishingToday: “I founded Spearfishing Today 10 years ago in 2008. What started as a one man operation, a way of survival, became a passion, a thriving business and an opportunity to educate about Sustainability (

Since our founding, we have maintained the same concept: From Sea to Table. In other words, we eat what we catch. Besides the fact that I am a big fan of Paola´s food, I see working together with El Palomar as a symbolic one for Cozumel. Let me explain. The structure and the design of the building of El Palomar are very characteristic. Only in a Sustainable way of thinking we can keep a building like this on the island. There have been quite some people that wanted to tear down the beautiful Building. Sustainable thinking guaranteed its future. That was proven as El Palomar is still here. Both El Palomar and SpearfishingToday think sustainable. Best Seafood Dinner ever? Ooooooh YES! The Spearfishing Adventure during the day, the Building of El Palomar, the creations of Paola, the Sunset. Think about Life on the veranda, breeze on your face eating the Fish you yourself caught. Can´t go wrong with that.”

Lobster Catches Cozumel

So, how does the From Sea to Table in Cozumel Experience look like?

After your Spearfishing Adventure with us in Cozumel we will clean together your Catch. You can find Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, Wahoo, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Cobia, Lobster, Crab, and much more in Cozumel. Then we will bring the Catch to Chef Paola at Restaurant El Palomar. Feel free to join and discuss with Paola what you like and don’t like for your Seafood Dinner. Then go back to your hotel / resort or condo and come back with Sunset for the Best Seafood Dinner you  ever had: From Sea To Table in Cozumel at El Palomar.

From Sea To Table at El Palomar in Cozumel: 50usd per person

– Preparing your fish, side dishes included.

– 3 drinks (alcoholic or no alcoholic)

Spearfishing Fresh Catches

Feel free after your Dinner to stay at the bar at El Palomar, so that you can enjoy the mixology of La Pecadora.

For the Best Seafood dinner ever in Cozumel, join us Spearfishing and experience a memorable From Sea To Table in Cozumel experience. More info? Contact us through, or book a Spearfishing Trip in Cozumel and the El Palomar option will pop up as an add on. See you soon! Happy Spearing, buena pesca and Provecho!


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