Blue Water Hunting Pelagic Spearfishing Mexico

Spear fishermen and women that have supplied themselves for a while with nice fresh Snapper and Grouper for dinner, dream about blue water hunting pelagic spearfishing. Welcome to Mexico.

I realize that some “spearfishing heroes” might not like what I am writing at the moment. Let´s be honest with you. Shooting a smart Snapper in Mexico is more difficult than shooting a Sailfish. What?!?!?! I´m sorry folks, pero asi es. Many people I meet are hunting and improving their hunting skills to reach a goal: hunting pelagic in blue water. Let´s set things straight. Shooting a big Cubera Snapper requires so much more skills than shooting a big Sailfish for example.

Check out a nice article about pelagic fish:

First of all there is depth. Generally speaking you have to dive considerably deeper for a big smart Snapper or Grouper than for Pelagic. First time I was hunting Cubera Snapper at 100ft /33mtr I remember well. It was difficult to stay concentrated at that depth; and to let the Cuberas approach me. The first time Pelagic in blue water, also a good memory; I did not even dive for it: Wahoo from the surface.

Then there is the battle of the smartest. Who is smarter? You or the fish? Again generally speaking when you go for blue water hunting here in Mexico you will find that pelagic is basically “stupid”. Pelagic will approach you closely when it notices you without you being in a hunting mood. That is not the same at all with for instance Black Grouper…

Worth mentioning as well is the difference in technique: blue water vs reef. We respect so much hunters that succeed to get the fish they want; that really had to work for it. Spearfishing Snapper by getting them interested into you. Hunting Grouper by being super silent. Hunting Porgies by acting you´re not interested at all, etc. Techniques used for spearfishing pelagic, well let me put it this way; flashers and bait are being used to attract big fish; when fish comes from the deep, bang.
Yeah, I get it. Great photo. Great footage. Is it hunting? Yes, it´s hunting. Is it my style? No it is not.

When we at Spearfishing Today go hunting ourselves for pelagic in blue water in Mexico we do not use flashers, compact discs, fresh sardines and other. We look for natural seaweed for example. Would there be Mahi Mahi? Or we look at certain birds. Sailfish around? Or we just let the current take us at the end of a day and we dive ´till we drop to find Wahoo. We hunt slower, but with more satisfaction. Call it the Mexican way if you want.

So what is it that makes blue water hunting so exciting? Why people dream about spearfishing for Pelagic? Our thoughts. To be able to spearfish pelagic like Marlin and Sailfish, the boat ride is quite long and rough. This fish does appear closer to shore as well, but we respect the catch and release rules there. So that boat ride is not for everybody. Then the snorkeling/freediving itself. Around you there is just water, pure ocean, no land in sight. And on top of that when you dive down, even at 100ft, the bottom is far, far, far away. Also this is not for everybody. And then there is the technique again. Let´s say you will find Tuna. Most spearos do not get much Tuna practice back home, so no experience. Prepare well. A Tuna approaching you looks simple, big target, haha. But in some situations we aim on purpose outside the target. Tuna swims faster than your spear. Some pelagic on purpose we want to shoot in the tail. Join us and we will brief you well!

The most exciting part, oooh yes, is the fight. Hard work. Pelagic spearfishing in blue water does not mean you will have it on the boat 5 minutes later. Some fights we had, lasted more than an hour. Multiple floats were involved. And at the end… the exciting pictures, the pictures that will let other spearos dream about a catch like that….

Bigger fish we filet, keep some for our guests and ourselves and do give away the majority of the fish to people that are not always able to get fresh food on the table.

Join us deep blue spearfishing:

The Spearfishing Today team hopes to see you soon for some authentic blue water hunting pelagic spearfishing in Mexico. Vamonos!!!



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