The Spearfishing Buddy System in Cozumel

Another great day of spearfishing in Cozumel with two guests and Anibal. The buddy system (1 up, 1 down) is very important. Main goal is safety. When something is wrong with your buddy, you are able to help immediately. Another benefit of a buddy system we experienced today. Anibal had to improvise with a tip on his shaft that was not the best.

On a challenging reef, he was able to shoot a nice White Margate / Zapatero. A delicious fish and this was a delicious size. While going up the fish went off his spear and swam towards a cave. As soon as he reached the surface and gave me an ok signal I prepared my dive. Went down and ran into a hungry Eel. “Hola….”. And there was the wounded Margate. Another shot with the pole spear and we got dinner. Anibal and I came home safe and had dinner because of our buddy system. Great teamwork.



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