Camouflage Spearfishing

Camouflage spearfishingA couple of weeks ago I wrote about if wearing a camouflage wetsuit will help you spearing more fish. Interesting respond we got. We are an official Riffe reseller, so I should ab-so-lu-te-ly talk you into a Digitek wetsuit or rash guard. I wear it, use it and am very happy with it and do catch great fish with it.

My friend Houston thought he was funny. He read my writing and sent me yellow shorts with some blue cartoon and a red silly cup. Message: let´s see if you can catch some fish with these shorts old man….

I like a challenge. For people that don’t know me, I always wear black tops and black or white shorts. Ooh and I have one pair of jeans. So seeing me wearing this yellow short is sooooo “not Leo”. Bueno… here we go… I put it on, grabbed my bag and left for the trip. Niko: “Man… did you just turn 40 or what?”. Diego: “still wearing your pijamas?”. Captain Manuel “Fuiste al feria?”. So you get it… making fun of me.

It was a pretty tough trip. Not the best visibility. Strong currents. We saw a lot of gooood fish, but no one could get one on the boat. One was wearing digitek. The other some kind of who know what for camouflage (Nikoooooo hahaha) and we had a tiger print in the water. I hate coming back without fish and focused. We saw a big school of Permits in the open, the camouflage boys dove down and spooked the group. I waited till the gentlemen were up and dove down myself. Bottom about 90ft. My dive around 40ft. I calmed down and saw a single Permit coming straight to me. Kept being calm. The Permit kept getting closer. And there it was. Close enough to get it. So I did. Nice shot, easy fight. Back to the surface. Back on the boat the result was clear. Camouflage versus Sponge Bob. 0-1.

Do I need to say more?



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