Camouflage Wetsuit Yes or No

This week we posted this picture on our Facebook page ( A good question came from Damon.

“Do you feel like the camo makes a difference? Haha… You blend in to my eye very well but wondered how the fish react compared to your other wetsuits”.

I answered him that it should make a difference.

“But it´s not that with a camo you suddenly increase your success rate significantly. On my day off I fish for dinner in my underwear (no camo)… Though overall it might help you, I have no doubt about that. The other thing is… super comfortable and easy to move while wearing them…”

The last few days I´ve been thinking about it.

It´s a simple question, but a really interesting one.

You can’t ask a fish if it makes a difference. I even thought about contacting my good friend Ted for scientific research.

I pictured two people going down, one wearing a regular wetsuit and the other one in camouflage, while several GoPro´s filming the behavior of the fish.

But then I thought… what is my own experience?

Freediving wetsuits are very comfortable and feel like an extra skin.

I have used scuba wetsuits while freediving and it is just a different experience. Many of the freediving wetsuits come in a camouflage model.

So you buy that and use it… and shoot fish with it.

While hunting in the blue I prefer to wear black or blue.

Hunting reefs I use a camouflage suit. Unless it´s my day off….




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