The New Cancun Spearfishing Art Project Called Spearo Art

Our new Cancun Spearfishing art project combines spearfishing with art.

That’s because normal is boring.

A lifetime of routine and security may be for some.

But not for us.

We’re uncomfortable staying still.

In part, it’s what made us leaders in our industry.

Good is not good enough, and once we’ve surpassed our expectations we go for more.

That’s how our newest project of spearo art was born.

From Sea to Table to Art Gallery

Cancun spearfishing art project

What is spearo art?

First of all, it’s important that you newbies know what a spearo is.

Spearos are the silent hunters of the sea; spearfishers who use underwater spearguns or polespears to catch their prey.

Normally, what’s not eaten just gets thrown away.

Not at Spearfishing Today.

We eat what we catch. And now, for those who want to take that next step and rev ‘em up to 11, we turn those bones, skeletons, and teeth into art.

You know, reduce, reuse, recycle.

Just with the fish we catch in Cancun.

Cancun Spearfishing Art = Spearo Art

Spearo art Cancun

So how does it work?

First things first and that means fish.

We’ll go out early morning on a boat from Cancun’s Hotel Zone out to several dive sites in the Caribbean Sea where we’ll look for our lunch and model.

Spearfishing in Mexico does not allow tanks, meaning we will be freediving, i.e. holding our breath for as long as possible as we submerge down into the depths in search of some fish.

At Spearfishing Today, we follow strict rules about when and what we hunt. Taking care of our underwater world and its inhabitants is important to us.

As such, our catch is also our food.

Once we’ve demonstrated our capacity as silent hunters we’ll head over to a local art gallery known as the Workshop of Visual Arts located just downstairs from the Ibis Hotel.

Here we’ll relax have a cold beer or a tasty cup of coffee while your catch is grilled to serve.

After lunch, we’ll take those bones and turn them into paintings or even jewelry.

From sea to table to art gallery.

About the Workshop of Visual Arts

If you want to know the name in Spanish it’s called Divertimento Taller de Artes Visuales.

At Spearfishing Today, where our concept is more is less, we just call it the Workshop of Visual Arts.

Run by Marycarmen Pérez Rodríguez, a talented graphic artist from Mexico City, the art center offers up a series of classes, workshops, and events for the general public.

With the spearo art project, Marycarmen will assist you in developing a piece of art based on your ideas.

In the end, everyone is an artist even though we are sometimes afraid or inhibited from expressing it.

Marycarmen is a beautiful person and master at making you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease creating and developing your own art skills.

Once we’re finished, anything you make you’ll be able to take back home with you.

Spearo Art Details

Cancun spearfishing art

This art and spearfishing combo works like this:

Choose the spearfishing tour that best suits your experience and adventure level.

If you’d like to add in the art course all you have to do is let us know.

For more information or to book the tour send us an email at You can also give us call or contact us via iMessenger or WhatsApp at +52-987-876-0862.

Because the spearfishing part of it starts early and goes into the afternoon, it is possible to break the activities up into two days.

Otherwise, plan for about a ten-hour adventure in the most pampering hands you’ll find in Cancun.

Have questions?

Our spearos may be silent hunters but they sure can answer your questions.

Give us a call, write us an email or send us a DM via our social media!


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