What’s the Ideal Speargun Length?

Choose the Length of Your SpeargunThis week at the SpearfishingToday´s beach office, we were discussing what question was asked most frequently. How deep we dive… The biggest fish we shot… are some examples. Personally one question I think is very interesting…. What’s the ideal speargun length?.

A big misunderstanding is you use a bigger gun for bigger fish and that you can shoot that big fish from waaaaaaay further than with a shorter gun. Not that it is complete nonsense, but it is not that completely like that.

Generally speaking, a couple of things are important when you have to choose the length of your gun. For example, the water you’re hunting in. If the visibility generally is 10 ft, you don’t want a gun that is 11 ft.

Are there caves and reefs, then you use a shorter gun, than when you are in blue water hunting. Then there is the type of fish, when you´re hunting a specific fish, you can choose a specific gun.

For a curious fish like Snapper, you use a shorter gun than for a fish like Grouper.

Also worth mentioning is the level of experience; more experienced spearos like to use a smaller gun to be flexible in the water and to keep the challenge.

So back to the thought, the bigger the gun, the bigger the fish and that you can shoot a fish from much further with a big gun.

In our experience, you need a bigger gun as it is more powerful, not to shoot the fish from a bigger distance.

Big fish need a lot of power to get the spear completely through their bodies.

Though the challenge is to get as close to the fish as possible. We like to turn it around. To shoot bigger fish with smaller guns. Jeje.

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