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When it comes to Cozumel Fishing we would like to share some latest comments of our guests that went out with us Spearfishing with us on the island of Ixchel. Spearfishing is a sustainable way of Fishing. And Cozumel is a fantastic destination to practice this way of getting food for the day, like Snapper and Grouper.

Words can’t describe…

Family Cozumel Fishing

“My limited vocabulary cannot describe what it is like to go on this Fishing excursion. I will try though. The process started over a couple beers and stories about my previous trips with Spearfishing Today. “Dude, you have never been Spearfishing?” I said. “No” was the response I recieved. “Well let me send an email” I stated. With that simple statement and quick email the trip was set in motion. As always my email was enthusiastically and quickly responded to. A few quick details were addressed and the trip was booked.

My friend and I followed the simple instructions we were given and as always… Spearfishing Today delivered an amazing trip. Our guide is a very enthusiastic, lighthearted and genuine person. On our way to the first reef in Cozumel he gave us the rundown of fish we are expecting to see, safety instructions, breathing techniques, Fishing tips speargun operation, etc.

I have been Freediving / extreme snorkeling for years (even though I am not that good at it). My friend has not had that much experience. When we entered the water at the first reef our guide asked us to both make a dive so he can evaluate our skill level. Once these were completed we continued at a depth we were comfortable with and start our Cozumel Fishing adventure. Our guide continued giving advice and instructions to us on how to increase our depth and bottom time. With the instructions given I was able to see my friend hit a depth he previously thought “out of his range”.

We made multiple stops at beautiful reefs. The visibility in Cozumel is unmatched anywhere in the Caribbean. In between stops the captain had fresh and cold water waiting on board. We refueled with fresh fruit. Had lighthearted jokes and jabs sent back and forth. Discussed more techniques for fishing and diving. Found out the meaning of life…Bacon.

In summary. I have been booking trips with Spearfishing Today for many years. I have brought new and experienced divers on these trips. Everyone I bring on these trips comes away with an indescribable experience and new found passion. This is the passion that has kept Cozumel Sport Fishing at the top of my and many others “things to do” for years.”

Bucket list

“We reserved a private Fishing trip with Diego for ourselves with our 7-year-old and grandparents. My husband has experience in Spearfishing and scuba diving but the rest of us didn’t. Diego and Manuel were so attentive and helped my son learn to snorkel and hold the speargun. Our son is very comfortable in the water and had some practice in the pool with a pole spear. This trip could have been personalized to match anyone’s skill level. Snorkeled in several spots in Cozumel and saw ship wrecks and tons of fish. My husband shot two fish and the crew made us amazing ceviche.”

Good day in Cozumel on the water Fishing Charter and snorkeling

“We had a great time. We did some Cozumel Fishing with a guide named Diego. He was a very nice and helpful person. We did some reef Spearfishing as well as wrecks. Then we decided to do some snorkeling in the shallow waters for the people on the boat that were less experienced in diving. It was a great day and we all had fun on the water. Definitely need to come back and do it again!!


“My son wanted a Spearfishing trip for his graduation! Well Diego was awesome with his beginners class. he teaches you everything you need to know about Cozumel Fishing. He is patient and non-judgmental. My son is “slight” build and not very athletic so he was unable to finish. Diego is support an emphasizing safety all the way – do only what you are comfortable with. So while we ended early, my son said it was the experience of a lifetime. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”

Fun experience

“My buddy and I (we arrived on Cozumel by cruise ship) went on a Spearfishing shore excursion today with Diego. We are totally inexperienced in spearfishing, however Diego was patient and a good instructor as he taught us how to free dive, shoot and then took us to several reefs where we had opportunities for several species of fish. Next time I’m in Cozumel I will definitely be giving them a call. It’s a very unique and fun experience! That I reckoned to anyone who is an adventurous traveler and interested in cool excursions in Cozumel.”

More info about Cozumel Fishing Adventure, contact us through email ( or through WhatsApp (987) 8760862.

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