DAN Freediving and Spearfishing Accident Coverage Insurance

DAN is well known for Scuba diving Accident Coverage Insurance; did you know that Freediving and Spearfishing could be covered by DAN as well?

The team of SpearfishingToday is fully covered by DAN while Freediving and Spearfishing.

Laura Johnson, DAN representative in Mexico is super enthusiastic and knowledgeable: “Many divers ask us what type of diving activities are included in the DAN coverage. Ultimately it depends on which coverage you’ve purchased, but many of DAN’s policies do offer coverage for Freediving and Spearfishing activities. In the DAN World and DAN America regions, several of the coverage plans offered will cover Freedivers while participating in or teaching courses, recreational practice, and non-record or non-competition Freediving activities. However, the policy makes it clear that record attempts or competition is not covered.”

“Spearfishing is also covered under several of DAN’s plans as long as it’s not done on a professional level;  So as long as you’re  not selling your catch or working as a professional Fisherman, then it’s likely to be included in the coverage.  See the DAN policy handbook for exact details.”

You will be surprised by the low cost of the DAN insurance; so if you like Freediving and Spearfishing and you are in the water a couple of times a year, then it is definitely worth looking into. If you live in Latin-America, the Caribbean, or US protectorates, you can sign up for DAN World here: and if you live in the 50 US states or Canada, you can sign up online here:

DAN’s vision is to be the most recognized and trusted organization worldwide in the fields of dive safety and emergency services, health, research and education by its members, instructors, supporters and the recreational diving community at large.  As such, DAN also includes services, education, and resources for Freedivers and snorkelers as well.  Freedivers and Spearfishermen can often encounter some of the same accidents that happen to scuba divers, such as ear injuries, and hazardous marine life injuries.  DAN’s first aid courses are designed with both scuba diving and Freediving in mind.

So, with pleasure we recommend  DAN for Freediving and Spearfishing Accident Coverage Insurance; Thank you Laura!


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