Frequently Asked Questions
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We’ve got a lot of questions over the last ten years about spearfishing and our operations. Below you will find a list of the most important and frequently asked questions we get. Clicking on the question will open up our answer. Is there something we missed? Let us know by filling out the contact form below.


No, we don’t. Spearfishing from shore in our locations is complicated for many reasons. First, the area where shore spearfishing is legal is very limited. Second, safety is also an issue due to strong currents and boats. Furthermore, the best fishing spots are not at swimming distance from shore.

We will help you to pick out the right local restaurant to cook the fish YOU shot at a fisherman’s friend price. Of course, family and friends are welcome too!

We accept down payments by credit card or PayPal. The balance is due in cash at the time of your trip.

Both the beginners charters and the private charters offer the time and space to work directly with you kids in developing their skills as both freedivers and hunters. That said, however, it is essential that your children are both good swimmers and feel comfortable in the water.

Yes, we spearfish in beautiful areas and people also have the option of simply snorkeling. Plus, seeing you spearing fish will be very memorable for them as well!

No. We never spear within the marine park.

Your safety is very, very important to us. In consequence, safety is ALWAYS first!

Bring swimwear, a rashguard and biodegradable sunscreen.

Unless otherwise stipulated, an advance payment of at least 30% is required at the time of booking.

No minimum and maximum age. You have to be able to swim and listen to directions. Minors do need to be accompanied by an adult.

Yes. All prices are in USD.

We speak Spanish and English.


A full refund is granted if WE cancel because of rough water, strong current, etc. If YOU cancel your trip and you want a full refund, e-mail us at the latest 48 hours before departure. Last minute cancellations (cancellations within 48 hours before departure) mean you will have to pay for your trip unless you have a reason we accept (ship does not dock, family circumstances, etc.) No show means… you have to pay for the trip.


Spearguns and other spearfishing equipment are available at no extra charge on all our spearfishing charters. However, we don’t rent out spearguns outside our trips.

Yes. We are an official RIFFE distributor.

Yes, you may bring your own speargun or use one of ours. Please note that powerheads are prohibited in Mexico.

You will need snorkel equipment to spearfish. If you don’t have your own, you can use ours at no extra charge. Riffe freedive fins are available for an additional charge.

Not at all. Our all spearfishing trips require you to freedive. In fact, spearfishing with scuba diving gear is illegal in Mexico.

Experience Level

When you freedive and spearfish on a regular basis and feel comfortable freediving at 30 ft. or more then you can join us on the experienced spearo trip.

We choose a depth at which you feel comfortable.

Even better! You’ll get to explore places in the Caribbean Sea that the novices and newbies won’t!

You’re in the right hands! We’ll teach you how to freedive, how to use a speargun, and the tricks and techniques of becoming a silent hunter!

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