Spearfishing Charters, Freediving Courses & Add ons

Spearfishing is one of the most fun and challenging sports around, and the Mexican Caribbean with its abundant marine life, stunning coral formations, and crystalline waters provide the perfect backdrop for some exciting subaquatic hunting.

With Spearfishing Today, you’ll set out into the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea together with our professional guides to some of the best fishing spots you’ll find. Using the technique known as apnea or freediving, you’ll take a breath and freedive down into the depths after your underwater prey.

And remember, you’ll eat what you catch!

Spearfishing Charters

Learn to spearfish with the leading spearfishing experts in Mexico and develop the skills you need to become a successful underwater silent hunter in the Caribbean Sea!

From $297 USD

Polish up those spearfishing skills and become an even better hunter while improving your hunting prowess and mastering the techniques you need to become a successful spearo!

From $417 USD

Private Excursions & Freediving Certification

Would you like to become a PADI-certified freediver? How about a customized spearfishing charter on your terms and on your time? Are you an expert spearo and want even greater challenges together on a polespear hunt with Leo, the company’s founder?

At Spearfishing Today we offer exciting options in addition to our spearfishing charters.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Get your AIDA 2** freediving certification and experience the freedom of submerging into the depths of the Caribbean Sea and Yucatan cenotes on just one single breath with our freediving courses!

From $297 USD

Experience the adventure of a lifetime in the Caribbean. Your way. Our private spearfishing charters are designed to allow you to get the most out of your underwater hunting adventure.

From $887 USD

Are you up to the ultimate spearfishing challenge? Get back to the roots and experience one of the most challenging underwater hunts you’ll ever attempt using just a polespear!

From $1,177 USD

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