So you like Freediving and/or Spearfishing? And you would like some guidance in the world of available Freediving Fins. Keep on reading. We are living in a world where tons of Freediving Fins are being offered and Fins often are being chosen for the looks or because of peer pressure. Lets just write down the way it is and also let me explain why I personally use Alemanni Freediving Fins.

I Wrote this for the Beginner and intermediate Freediving Spearfishing community and in general for lovers of Freediving.

You can read endlessly about about stiffness, propulsion, length, material, and colors. In reality: you just want a comfortable Freediving Fin that just the job well. That is affordable and lasts.

Why you need long Fins for Freediving?

The reason why Freediving Fins are long compared to regular snorkeling Fins is simple. With longer Fins you will have to spend less energy (you are moving more water with a longer blade) to get the same amount of propulsion on your way down. And the less energy you spend under water, the longer you can hold your breath; the longer you can stay down to hunt.

Are cheaper plastic Fins bad?

No, not at all. It is great to start with Plastic fins. They are available around 100usd. Not as efficient in energy as carbon or fiberglass, but … really… When you are a beginner you will not notice the difference. Work on your technique first. And then improve your Freediving performance by gear improvement.

What are the advantages of Fiberglass and Carbon Freediving Fins?

  1. The blades are very durable.
  2. The blades have no memory. Plastic fins might bend after time. Fiberglass and Carbon Fins wont.
  3. Great performance. Less effort to reach same depth.

And… ok ok ok I admit.

  1. They got the looks.

What Fin is recommendable for Beginner Freediving Spearfishing?

Buying a Fin based on the looks or a high price is not the way to go. I personally would buy plastic Free Dive Fins and not Fiberglass or Carbon Fins right away. From the difference in price I would buy a Freediving course and learn how to properly dive down. Afraid people laugh of your “cheap plastic” Fins? Let them, really. I notice this quite often among spearos. Lets see who dives down deeper, can stay down longer, and will come up with a fish. Getting a fish is in your mind, not in the Freediving Fin. True story: In 2013 before I switched to Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Freediving fins I was using Riffe and Cressi plastic Fins. Yes. A professional guide with plastic Fins. One day a client was laughing at me without respect. He showed his brand-new 1000usd Freediving Fins and he could not believe I was using plastic Fins. Being younger and less wise at that time I challenged the guy (man vs man) “Hey man, its not in the fins, even without fins, yes barefoot Freediving I will get better fish than you” The challenge was accepted. The guy learned his lesson. Spearfishing is about getting food, challenging yourself, getting back to basics and not showing off with your cool Fins.

What are recommendable Freediving Fins for beginner Spearfishing and Freediving?

Personally tested are:

  1. Cressi Gara. If you go out Freediving and Spearfishing a couple of times a year this is a great Fin; you pay less than 100usd and it will do the job. When you go out in the water a couple of times a month I would not buy this Fin. It bends relatively fast after a while ; also the food pocket gets wider quite fast.
  2. Mares razor pro plastic. What a great fin. You will find it around 150usd. Basically an undestroyable Fin. Downside is the small foot pocket. If you have wide feet, this Fin is not for you.
  3. Riffe Descender Fins. We love this Fin. Seriously, a fantastic Fin. Also on the market for about 150usd. Indestructible, foot pocket remains well and has cool looks. Defender Fins

Swimming on the surface with long Freediving Fins is just different. You will use the instep of your foot like you’ve never used before. That feeling will take a couple of Spearfishing Trips, but then it becomes normal.

How to select the best Freediving Fins?

– The foot pocket. When you buy plastic fins most of the times the Fin means blade and foot pocket together You cant separate it. And most of the times, thats just fine. When you are ready for a replacement you might be ready for an upgrade of your Freediving Fins. Separate blade and fin could be useful if you want to replace just one of the two. If you can chose, go for a separate blade and foot pocket.

Foot Pocket

– More about the foot pocket. How comfortable is the foot pocket of the Fin? This is such an important point. I have used Fins with such incredible hard, uncomfortable foot pockets, unbelievable. My favorite foot pockets are Pathos. So soft, so light and the shape stays good for years. Really comfortable like slippers.

– And again… more foot pocket? How long lasts the foot pocket? I used foot pockets that after a month they get wider and wider; every kick I was making to go down I heard a sound as the foot pocket did not close well around my foot anymore.

– Plastic, Fiberglass or Carbon Freediving Fins

– The length of the Fin. Unless you are doing Freediving competitions, do not worry too much about the length. I personally think this is a heavily overrated subject of choosing the right Freediving Fins. Chose what you like, chose you feel comfortable with.

– How many years does the Fin do its work?

– Stiffness. Same as length of the Blade. Highly overrated, unless you are a pro freediver for competitions. Also FYI. all depends on the definition of the producer. For example Alemanni recommends me (185m, deep dives) to use soft. While other brands would recommend me the exact opposite (stiffness hard for freediver with strong legs)

– Any technical advantage? Check out the effect of an inclination. Something so simple that is so effective.

More info about selecting the best Fins:


Why I chose Alemanni Freediving Fins?

I met Itio Alemanni many, many years ago. A dear personal friend of mine is close family of Itio. I was intrigued by his Freediving Fins, they looked really different. At that time his Alemanni Speedy Freediving Fins were only available in black and Itio was experimenting with changing the angle of the blade/foot pocket. Later we went spearfishing together multiple times and we had discussions about roller spearguns. Without a doubt he is mr Roller Speargun. I was in the stage of hunting more and more with a pole spear; while Itio was developing bigger and bigger roller and even triple roller spearguns. It gave us enough stuff to talk about during our fresh fish dinners, you bet, hahaha. Tequila and Limoncello included.

Alemanni Fins Roller Spearguns

Times have changed now. Alemanni became quite the brand (there also Alemanni mono Fins available now: ) and I myself put my speargun in the closet, pole spear only. In 2013 I ordered my first Alemanni Speedy Freediving Fins with Pathos Foot pockets (glued). After having used my first pair of Alemanni Freediving Fins and repaired them several times this year I decided to order a new pair. With Pathos foot pockets, of course. I for sure do like the white Freediving Fins to be visible in the water (yep… I dont believe in visual camo)

A pair of Alemanni Freediving Fins are about 500usd shipping included:

What I really like about these Fins?

– Really high performance with the least possible effort. No kidding. Just WOW! It is the combo of the low profile (adios turbulence) and great propulsion. Compared to Riffe, Alchemy, Cetma, C4, Molchanovs and Leader Fins, Alemanni truly stands out.

– The angle of  27° gives a great, smooth, almost effortless propulsion and also means the fins will remain under the water surface while snorkeling, a delight.

Alemanni Fins Angle

– The Alemanni Freediving Blade fits the Pathos foot pocket.

– I for sure do like the white Freediving Fins to be visible in the water.

– They last….  My first pair lasted 5 years (only this year it required some patches).

– Nice bag.

What I do not like about my new Alemanni Freediving Fins?

This time I decided to go for removable blades instead of gluing them. The way the blades are screwed in the foot pocket is primitive and ugly. Yep it works, and I should not buy this Fin for its beauty, but come on Itio, there are nice solutions to cover these screws. Now my new Fins look that they already had a repair……

Alemanni fins

Alemanni Speedy Freediving Fins on Youtube:


See Alemanni Fins in Ischia:


I´m a heavy user. I free dive multiple times a week, I dive deep and in areas with lots of current to fight against, And on top of that I barely rinse my Fins after being in the salt water. When a pair of Freediving Fins remains well for 5 years, I can say: we have a winner. Any questions about Freediving Fins for Spearfishing and Freediving? Feel free to drop us an email:


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