Grouper and Snapper Polespear Fishing

Grouper and Snapper PoleSpear Fishing

The other day I went grouper and snapper polespear fishing.

Well, not specifically but they happened to be on the menu that day.

Grouper: delicious. Snapper: delicious. Both fish are some of my favorites to eat and my favorites to catch.

As you know by now, you won’t find me a lot in the water with a speargun anymore.

I prefer using a polespear nowadays. I started with easier and smaller fish. Now, I am so happy that also with a polespear I am able to get some decent dinner on the table.

Mexico. Caribbean part of Mexico….

This day we went out a little further to an area with many caves and holes in the ocean floor.

After exploring the reef one time, we went back to the beginning. On the shopping list, I put Snapper and Grouper. We snorkeled some and then I saw an interesting spot. Big sandy spot next to a coral formation. I went down to about 40 ft and relaxed in the sand. Super fast this Mutton Snapper came to check me out. Literally out of nowhere. I had not seen it while diving down. I got distracted by some movements in the sand. Small creatures in the sand moving around. Very enjoyable. I did not even notice the Snapper getting close to me. Uff…

Here I was with a Snapper very close, but my polespear unloaded. I turned away from the Snapper and loaded my polespear. That was a smart move. because when I turned back to it, it was still there. As you can see on the picture…. The shot was good and grilled snapper in my mind.

We continued the reef but the waves started picking up. Visibility changed from excellent to bad (for us) in 10 minutes. Different circumstances. Love it. Did a couple of dives to get used to the new visibility. That was about 80 ft. Now it was about 10ft. When I went down I heard a lot of fish, but did not see much worth shooting. Then…. while snorkeling I saw little barjacks swimming fast and I decided to go down. Expecting some good running fish, but I made the mistake by going down to the bottom instead of hanging around in half water.

Well…. On the bottom at about 50 ft. I ended up resting around a hole in the ground. I saw a shadow moving. When it came closer, I saw it was a nice size Grouper. It approached me but I did not shoot my polespear. I wanted to see how long we could play this game. Eye to eye with it for at least 20 seconds…. When the Grouper wanted to move, I let go of my pole spear and ended up with it. A great memory. A great training.




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