Keep Spearfishing Safe! Nautilus Lifeline!

Keep spearfishing safe Nautilus LifelineSpearfishing is an activity in which you are able to improve yourself quite easily. You dive deeper, stay down longer and the fish you shoot get bigger and bigger. Of course, you keep it safe. You´re well prepared, dive in a buddy system, etc. Some things though you can’t control by yourself.

We at spend many days a year in the ocean and been doing that for some years now, so we know what situations can be there. We have picked up a good amount of people that were lost in the ocean…. One of our guests Melina (check out her own diving company showed me the Nautilus Lifeline. A little radio which is dive and water proof. It is very simple (and you know I love simple things).

Let’s say you’re in the water drifting with your buddy and the boat does not come to pick you up. The Captain can’t see you, engine failure or whatever. While drifting in the ocean, you can easily contact the boat with this Nautilus Lifeline. If that did not work you can change the channel and talk to the harbor captain or other boats in the area. If that does not work, you can push the red button and the GPS coordinates will be sent for 24 hours. Wow! That’s what I call safety.

We tried one and we will purchase more so all our locations will use it. Not that our captains are bad, no no, the opposite is true, they are “excelente”. BUT… anything can happen, so stay close to your guide, hihi.


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