Keller Pole Spears – Leo Pro Package

It´s not a big secret that I love polespearing. So instead of using a speargun, I use a pole spear to get dinner. Challenge yourself, haha.

My ab-so-lu-te favorite pole spear was the one from Keller: BIG GAME!

I have GREAT GREAT GREAT news. “I´m sooo excited, and I just can’t hide it!”. Now there is my creation, the Leo Pro Package. In the colors of SpearfishingToday!

Karl: “Leo made the change from shooting spearguns to pole spears after having shot all the fish you can imagine all over the world. He perfected his pole spearing skills and is a true master of the sport. The use of pole spears is a little more challenging but, will help perfect your hunting skills. The pole spear package was developed to give you maximum performance and reliability required to shoot big fish at long distances. Leo is in the water almost every day, so not only did he require a high performance spear, but a complete system to keep you in the water hunting….His creation Leo Pro Package.”

Check it out!!!!!



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