Kids Spearfishing Trips: What You Need to Know

Among the most common Frequently Asked Question involves kids spearfishing trips.

“What is the minimum age to join your spearfishing trips?”

The answer can be found on our FAQs:

“No minimum and maximum age. You have to be able to swim and listen to directions.“

Let me explain. First, someone needs to be comfortable in the water. Of course, we do not jump in 100ft of water immediately, we will go step by step. Another important thing is that someone needs to be able to listen to us well. We explain freediving and how to hunt in a calm and compact way.

While writing this, I am realizing that the same two conditions count for everybody, not just kids, haha.

So if your kid is adventurous and dreaming to become Aquaman? Drop us an e-mail. With pleasure, we will make this dream come true.



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