On the Hunt for Lionfish in Cozumel

A sunny day in March on the island. A couple of spearos on the hunt for lionfish in Cozumel. We decided to “clean” 3 reefs. It is a great way of training our freediving skills, to take out the “bad guys” and to have dinner at the end.

Years ago when we started hunting lionfish we used a smaller speargun. And loaded that speargun with just one band. To avoid the shaft getting stucked in a reef and to avoid we would damage the reef too much.

Then we started to use polespears. Easy to use and enough power to get a Lion Fish. It is a very soft fish, so not much power needed to get one.

And then today. We just used a knife. What? Yes. Taking out lionfish with just a knife. We call it “Russian Style hunting”. Perfect to train buoyancy while freediving and to train movements under the water. Dive down, spot a lionfish, think about how to approach, concentrate and stab.



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