Tales of Lionfish Hunting in Cozumel Mexico

Without a doubt, by now everybody knows that here in the Caribbean we have Lion Fish. A fish that was not here 10 years ago. We hunt them.

Our guide Diego, a biologist, loves to talk about them for hours and hours and hours, jeje. Let me copy some of his words that for me (I don´t think you realized that Diego, hihi) were very interesting.

The words “lion fish eats all the other fish” are too simple. I honestly did not understand. I have not seen a Lion Fish eating another fish. Though I do see other fish in a stomach of a Lion Fish. Diego explained very well during our last Lion Fish hunting trip. And I wanted to share.

A Lion fish does not eat a fish bigger than itself. Though it does eat A LOT of fish. A LOT. So 1 Lion fish eats many small Groupers a day for example. And the Lion Fish grows. And eats a bigger Groupers. So we might not notice at this moment that there is less fish. We still see many HUGE Groupers, Snappers, etc. But in a couple of years… who knows?!? We taking out a couple of big fish a year is not that big of a deal. And the smaller fish we take, we respect the seasons, sizes and the number of fishes, so also that is under control.

But that Lion Fish. That Lion fish does not respect the minimum sizes, the maximum number of fish you can take a day and the seasons. That is why we go Lion Fish hunting.

Do you want to join us?



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