Lion Fish HuntingIt´s not correct that we spear fishermen just wanna go deep and just wanna go for big fish. For us it is the fun and the food that counts. Of course at times you will challenge yourself to go deep. Or we just want to shoot a big fish for Thanksgiving. Jaja.

This week we went Lion FIsh Hunting. When I started doing that I used a small gun. Later I used an Hawaiian sling. But now I found out I like just stabbing the Lion Fish. Sounds pretty sick. But it is not meant like that.

This day we were in Playa del Carmen and found some pretty big species hanging in the sand, close to coral. I unloaded my bands. Dove down to the first big Lion Fish. Concentrated and just stabbed it with my spear. Did that 3x and a there you go. A Lion Fish Shashlik. Talking about going back to basics. Those Lion Fishes tastes like the fish of the year.



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