Mahi Mahi Pole Spearfishing

Everybody that likes to spearfish dreams about shooting a Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish). It´s a beautiful fish. A running fish. A fighting fish. And on top of that: a really delicious fish.

Pictures with spearos and Mahi Mahi look awesome, and the stories we hear of spearos that have shot Mahi Mahi are often more spectacular than the stories of Napoleon, haha.

The truth, spearfishing Mahi Mahi is relatively easy. No, I am not kidding you.

Mahi Mahi you will find in blue water, so not in reefs. It is a running fish. All day long running, running, running. When they find something interesting floating they will check it out.

So finding Mahi Mahi could be hard, but when you find something floating in the ocean, like a palm tree or a branch, make sure you check it out. When we go specifically for Mahi Mahi, that is how we do it. The captain in this case plays a crucial part. He spots possible good spots in the ocean and brings us there.

So in March there is Mahi Mahi in our Mexican Waters so we decided to look for them. Do we use flashers? No, we do not. We are pure and like a challenge.

My tool of today was the Keller Big Game Pole Spear, set up with a slip tip. Capi Dani saw some birds and we decided to check it out. We were in open water closer to Cozumel than to the mainland. The birds were circling around what appeared to be a big branch with some garbage. When we reached it we were pumped. It is the excitement like you remember being a kid and you are making a hut in the woods. Adventure with your friends, you feel it in your stomach. It is a feeling of happiness. Anyhow… we jumped in. Nada.

We stayed in for 25 minutes drifting next to the branch. Strong current, but no other fish than small Barjacks. We decided to go back on the boat. The guys unloaded their guns, two were already on the boat, and then out of nowhere a group of Mahi Mahi approaching. I yelled at the others! COME BACK IN!!!!! Mahiiiiiiiiiiiii. And prepared to dive down.

I dove down about 30ft, deeper than the Mahi´s were and they followed me. I moved into horizontal position and loaded my polespear. I decided not to be picky today, the first Mahi in pole spear shooting range will be mine. And that did happen, yeahhh. I ended up turning agains current so my shot was not the best, but hey, good enough to get the Mahi in the cooler. My pole Spear did it again. While fighting the fish up to the surface the others started to move around the wounded Mahi. So one of our guests was able to shoot one for himself. THRILLING.

Mission accomplished.



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