In Cozumel, the local name for Ocean triggerfish is “Escochin”. The pronunciation: [ASS–KO-TJEEN]. My Cozumel friends used to call me “Esco”. Because of me shooting a Triggerfish a day for dinner. That name changed fortunately, jeje. Though my love for Triggerfish stayed.

Among experienced spearos that is almost like cursing in a church. “Whaaaaaaaaat… Triggerfish?!?!!?”.

The structure of the meat is great. Ceviche, delicious. Grilled, delicious. Oven, delicious. And one middle size Ocean Triggerfish feeds two persons.

I agree. It is a relatively easy fish to shoot and there are so many of them, that it is not an exclusive fish at all. Though I am not ashamed to write it down. I LOVE TRIGGERFISH.