PADI Freediver Freediving Courses Mexico

PADI, the well known Scuba institution, now offers 3 different Freediving Courses to become a good and safe Freediver; SpearfishingToday offers each Course in Mexico: Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and in Cancun. When you always wanted to learn how to Freedive, then there no more excuses. Beginning with the PADI Freediver certification, you will gain the training and discipline needed to stay safe during breath hold dives. Afterwards, you can continue your education and progress to new depths with the PADI Advanced Freediver Course and Master Freediver Course.

3 things that really make the PADI Freediving courses stand out.

First, there is the goal of the PADI Freediver course. The entry courses of for example FII is static apnea (breath holding in a pool) of 3 minutes. And freediving to a depth of 66ft. PADI takes it easier with its Freediver course. Static apnea of 1.30 min and reaching a depth of 33ft. So for people that would like to go step by step this is a great option.

Second, PADI added a discipline that you will not easily find easy in other recreational Freediving Course: Dynamic Apnea. This simply means swimming a certain distance (so no depth) in a pool while holding your breath.

Third, PADI uses an impressive application called PADI Freediver Touch; an interactive study tool that gives you the background information you need to freedive safely and allows you to learn at your own pace. Your PADI Freediver Instructor will check on progress and make sure you understand important freediving information.

In a Nutshell the 3 different levels:

Goals PADI Freediving Course

Static apnea of 90 seconds
Dynamic apnea of 25 metres/80 feet.
Constant weight freedive depth of 10 metres/33 feet.

Goals PADI Advanced Freediving Course

Static apnea of 2 minutes 30 seconds
Dynamic apnea of 50 metres/165 feet
Constant weight freedive depth of 20 metres/66 feet

Goals PADI Master Freediving Course

Static apnea of 3 minutes 30 seconds
Dynamic apnea of 70 metres/230 feet.
Constant weight freedive depth of 27 metres/90 feet.

Interested in becoming a PADI Freediver? With pleasure we will send you more info about the PADI Freediver Freediving Courses in Mexico (Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and in Cancun): drop us an email:


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