• Seafood Dinner at Restaurant El Palomar Cozumel

    From Sea To Table in Cozumel – Best Seafood Dinner ever A Sustainable spear Fisherman met a creative Chef. The future of Fishing will be found in a heritage building…
    $50.00 USD /Per Person
  • Fresh Ceviche Onboard

    Nothing beats eating your fish right after you shot it. And the best way to do eat it: as a fresh, mouth-watering ceviche prepared fresh onboard just for you.
    $25.00 USD
  • Riffe Freediving Fins Rental

    We supply excellent fins in great condition at no extra charge on every trip. If you are an experienced freediver, however, consider renting our Riffe Silent Hunter freediving fins.
    $15.00 USD
  • Spearfishing Photos by a Pro!

    Spearfishing will create everlasting memories. Want to show your memories to family and friends? Then book the professional photo service on your spearfishing trip and get those bragging rights!
    $250.00 USD