A couple of months ago we received an enthusiastic e-mail from Karl Keller, claiming he made a pole spear for big fish. Oh really?

Insiders know that in 2013 I decided to leave spearguns home. I myself spearfish using a Pole Spear.

I love, simply love to hunt with a pole spear. A pole spear is bascially a pole with a rubber band at the end. And you launch it like a catapult to get a fish. Super challenging it is. You have to get so much closer to a fish compared to using a speargun. And challenging as well is the way of moving. Let´s say you have a 10ft pole spear and lots of current. Not easy without making noise.

Been pretty successful shooting dinner with different pole spears of different brands. I used a pretty one, a cheap one, a small one and a famous one. Shot big Snapper, big Grouper, good Wahoo and of course some Triggerfish (jeje, sorry I can’t help it, really like eating them). Been also pretty successful in loosing fish because of the lack of power, or the way the tip worked. And there is this frustrating way slip tips were put on pole Spears. So I was hoping that Karl´s Pole Spear would make a difference in these two areas.

I checked out Karl´s website (http://www.kelleraquatics.com). “looks kind of 80´s, and what on earth is a wimpy spear?”. Though Karl got my attention by naming his pole spear “Big Game”. I contacted Karl, had a chat and a couple of days later the Bahama Pro Package (http://www.kelleraquatics.com/BAHAMASPRO.php) arrived.

Picture Leo being a kid. I think every spearo recognizes it. You simply can not wait opening the box. The pole spear came in a tube. I could not open it quick enough. Then there is that moment you hold “your new baby” in your hands for the very first time. And oh my. That was not love at first sight at all. Why? The grip was obviously hand made and not beautifully done at all. The finishing was not that great. And scratches all over (is it used?). The Bahama package would come with a hard case. And that turned out to be the white “construction” tube it was sent in with the smell of glew (no kidding). When I was told the package includes a hard case, I pictured myself on an airport with an interesting case of which other airport guests would think “what is in that?!?”. I felt all this in my stomach. I was soooo looking forward to this moment, and now I am disappointed. I sat down. And gave it a thought.

Karl has passion. like I have. The pole spears I have used so far are smooth looking, beautiful objects itself, but generally speaking lack 2 important things. I decided to judge my new pole spear after using it. And not to be picky on the looks. I decided to stay neutral. And judge the Keller Pole Spear on its performance.

A couple of weeks went by. I have used it extensively.

1. It is a pretty heavy pole spear to use while snorkeling. But I guess that is the price you pay to get some more power?!?

2. The grip was a delight to hold. And I got intrigued by the red line in it. It gave me a hunting feeling.

3. Getting ready to shoot. Muscleman I became, jeje

4. The slip tip system, smart and no more hassling with lines! Thumbs up! You did it Karl!!!

5. Wow. Precise shooting with a pole spear!!!!

6. Impressed by its power.

7. I successfully shot Hogfish, Barracuda, big Snapper and Permit. I did miss a Wahoo, though I have to blame myself for that shooting against the current. I did not loose any fish that I shot.


I got a new best friend. What an amazing pole spear. What a power. My dear Karl. I am really happy with your Keller pole spear. I wanna congratulate you having created this product. It does the work like you claim it does: BIG GAME!!!! And that makes you unique from other pole spears I used. Karl, you added a new dimension to my love for pole spearing. Spearos bring different guns on a trip. One for reef, one for blue, etc. And now I can do the same for pole spearing. If you like pole spearing just for smaller Snapper, Lobster, Hogfish then use a different pole spear than the Big Killer Pole Spear I used. When I go for bigger fish, without a single doubt this Keller Aquatic pole spear is my first choice.

The Bahama package comes with some spare parts, a regular tip and costs 389usd. You don´t buy the looks. You buy a product that does the job SIGNIFICANTLY better than others!!