How to Choose The Right Spearfishing Charter

Freediving and Spearfishing are getting more and more popular which is great; some recent developments made me write this guide about Choosing Selecting the Right Spearfishing Freediving Charter. How to Choose Select the Spearfishing Freediving Charter that is good for you?

More and more people like to Spearfish while Freediving. As we predicted a couple of years ago. It was waiting for accidents to happen. Both Spearfishing and Freediving are AWESOME, but on the same hand they can be dangerous as well.

We think it is weird that anyone can just buy a Speargun and goes hunting. We think it is weird people just go into the ocean and hold their breath, without any idea how Freediving works.

Don’t get me wrong. We at Spearfishing Today have a positive attitude and yeah, I admit, also we as a Spearfishing Charter, once and awhile take risks, finding the edge. Our risks are calculated risks though, with a well planned “just in case” plan B.

1. Bad development. Mentioning just a few Spearfishing and Freediving Accidents of the last couple of weeks (no kidding) just in Mexico and USA. Various persons are missing while Freediving and Spearfishing and various persons died while Freediving and Spearfishing. We are sorry for the persons involved. Accidents like this are EASY to be avoided. Take Freedive classes or ask a good Spearfishing Charter to teach you how to spear a fish.

2. Another bad development. More and more Spearfishing Charters pop up which is great, more choice to Spearfish with local Spearfishing specialists. BUT… please make sure you choose the right Spearfishing Charter. You don’t want to end up with some enthusiastic Spearfishing guys without a working permit, without the proper boat permits, doing Spearfishing without giving you a Spearfishing permit, in a forbidden area without proper safety instructions, shooting illegal fish and in the middle of your trip your Spearfishing guide is being attacked by a Crocodile (again: no kidding).

It might not look easy choosing the right Spearfishing Charter, but actually it is…

Professional Spearfishing Charters are safe, operate within the law and have thorough knowledge about the local area they service. Cheap charters on the contrary say they caught big fish yesterday and they will take you to the same place, just throw you in the water and if something goes wrong, you are on your own!

At any beach here in Mexico you are able to rent a boat with a captain, and you bring your own Spearfishing gear and can go hunting. Or you can select your Spearfishing Charter purely based on a low price.

Commercial Spearos are NOT allowed to take you out here in Mexico and generally have completely other ethics and thoughts about ocean and safety then one should have.

Choosing Selecting The Right Spearfishing Charter

  • You want the right Spearfishing spots. Going out with a rod and reel does not mean you will get food on that spot using a speargun.
  • You need a Spearfishing guide that shows you his territory, a guide that is with you to get you into fish, knows currents and assists you in what is a new area to you.
  • You want a safe operation. The boat and captain are key. Do you trust the captain? Does the radio on the boat really work?
  • Reliable gear. Is the gear like fins and Spearguns in decent shape? Spearguns with a plastic safety mechanism? “No, gracias”.
  • In case of an emergency (it can happen to the best…), you want be with a crew what knows what to do.
  • You want to be sure what you do is legal: species, permits, area.
  • How are the reviews of the Spearfishing Charter on TripAdvisor and Yelp for example.
  • You get what you pay for… this is also true in Spearfishing land. Ask yourself how it is possible Spearfishing is offered at a considerable lower price. Are the guides certified? What kind of insurance does the Charter have? What is the success rate of the clients? What about permits, are they really aboard? Etc.

At the end, whether you are a first time spearo or a die hard spearo you want three things. SAFETY. FISH. GOOD TIMES!

Spearfishing and Freediving are very safe and fascinating activities. Just make sure you obtain the proper knowledge before you jump in the water, and surround yourself with professional and experienced people. This writing is absolutely not meant in a negative way, it is meant to give you some thoughts about Choosing Selecting The Right Spearfishing Freediving Charter; we love to teach you how to Freedive and Spearfish or how to take you to the next level in a very safe, professional and inspirational wa



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