Polespear with Leo

It doesn’t get more challenging than this.

Spearfishing Today’s founder “Leo “Chanoc” is one of the most accomplished spearos in the world.

Since the beginning of 2017, he has followed a new principle in his storied history as a spearfishing guru: polespear only.

He made the change from shooting spearguns to pole spears after having shot all the fish you can imagine all over the world. He perfected his pole spearing skills and is a true master of the sport

Now, he perfected his pole spearing skills and is a true master of the sport.

Want to test your spearo skills alongside one of the world’s best?

Polespear Hunting

The Polespear with Leo package is the perfect spearfishing excursion to test your spearo mettle.

Wahoo? Mahi Mahi? Big Snapper? Big Grouper?

Depending on season and location, you’ll be able to go to the best spearfishing spots in the Mexican Caribbean on the hunt for the one that won’t get away.

The use of pole spears is a little more challenging but, will help perfect your hunting skills.

What makes the Leo Pro Polespear different than others?

Ever tried to shoot a 65 lbs. grouper with a regular polespear?

You might have hit it, but we doubt you could get it on the boat.

Leo is a spearfishing guide, instructor, official representative of the Mexican Spearfishing Association (AMPS), and founder of Spearfishing Today.

He guarantees that this polespear excursion will not let you down.


All our spearfishing charters include the following:

  • 4-hour semi-private boat charter
  • Snorkel gear and fins
  • Polespear
  • Weight belt
  • Spearfishing permit
  • Fresh fruit & bottled water
  • The cleaning of your fish


  • Biodegradable sunscreen (required)
  • Gratuity
  • Rash guards or wetsuits

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