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Seafood Dinner at Restaurant El Palomar Cozumel


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From Sea To Table in Cozumel – Best Seafood Dinner ever

A Sustainable spear Fisherman met a creative Chef. The future of Fishing will be found in a heritage building in Cozumel. Your best Seafood Dinner ever…?  Spearfishing Today strongly believes in the from Sea to Table concept. We do not spear a Fish to just kill it. We take out food for the day and eat it. Restaurant El Palomar in Cozumel built in 1903, is one of the most representative buildings in Cozumel, already considered a heritage of Cozumel.

Today El Palomar is a great restaurant – bar (  and the Dinner creations of chef Paola Torroella you will not soon forget (that counts as well for the Sunsets, what a view). At El Palomar only high quality raw materials from local producers are being used.

Both El Palomar and SpearfishingToday think sustainable. Best Seafood Dinner ever? Ooooooh YES! Your Spearfishing Adventure during the day, the Building of El Palomar, the creations of Paola, the Sunset. Think about Life on the veranda, breeze on your face eating the Fish you yourself caught. Can´t go wrong with that.

How does the From Sea to Table in Cozumel Experience look like?

After your Spearfishing Adventure with us in Cozumel we will clean together your Catch. Then we will bring the Catch to Chef Paola at Restaurant El Palomar. Feel free to join and discuss with Paola what you like and don’t like for your Seafood Dinner. Then go back to your hotel / resort or condo and come back with Sunset for the Best Seafood Dinner you  ever had: From Sea To Table in Cozumel at El Palomar.

From Sea To Table at El Palomar in Cozumel: 50usd per person

  • Preparing your fish, side dishes included.
  • 3 drinks (alcoholic or no alcoholic)


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