Spearfishing photos by a pro!

Spearfishing with Spearfishing Today will create everlasting memories.

Want to show your memories to family and friends?

Then book the professional photo service on your spearfishing trip and we will shoot photos of you with an amazing Nikon mirror reflex camera while you are able to focus on spearfishing.

You want more than some GoPro pictures?

We know the feeling of diving down, making super footage with a GoPro of our fish.

Back home, however, you’ll wish that someone else would have made photos of you showing off your skills as a silent hunter.

Get Your Professional Spearfishing Photos

How does it work?

The photo service is for maximum 2 persons.

If you book a trip for more people, then order this trip add-on multiple times and more photographers will join your trip.

Our photographers are FII certified and very, very silent freedivers.

We guaranteed that they will not scare away your fish.

Their depths and bottom time are fantastic. That makes it possible to grab you on camera in all your glory.

Before you hit the water, you’ll discuss with your photographer what type of shots you would like to get.

Together you will agree on the shots you wish: on the boat, in the water, certain poses, etc.

You name it, nothing is too crazy!

Immediately after the trip, the photographer will edit your photos and upload them to Dropbox, WeTransfer or GoogleDrive.