Spearfishing Acapulco

Acapulco. Pacific side of Mexico. Famous for its cliff jumping, the movie stars and its nightlife. Not too famous for its spearfishing I would say. But that does not mean spearfishing is not good.

Mother nature is so fascinating. Every corner of this earth looks, feels and smells different.

Talking about a different smell… On a day in January, I did some spearfishing with a friend and some new friends. The day started at 7am with the smell of marihuana and beer on a local Acapulco beach. Provecho! But as soon as we left the beach and drove to the first spot, the beauty of Acapulco came back. Actually, the coast is a m a z i n g. Fantastic how close to shore you can stay to find fascinating caves, nice comfortable depths and great sea life. On this day, we did not shoot too much (mainly mid size Snapper), though the day itself was super memorable. Four chicos sharing their passion. Four chicos watching whales and dolphins in the wild. And four chicos being able to enter the Quebrada cave.

It was my first day spearfishing in Acapulco. Took it easy. Sailfish to come, yeah, watch out for part 2!



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