Spearfishing Adventure in Cozumel. The Last Dive….

“That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching” is a saying so very true, but we don’t really like to hear it. This week in Cozumel, it was one of those days… weird winds, weird currents, difficult fishing. Let me tell you more about this weeks Spearfishing Adventure I had in Cozumel; the last dive did it all.

We fish for food. Not just to kill a fish. So when we decide to spear a fish in Cozumel it will be for consumption only. This Friday the currents were strange around the island. Some of our spots had currents in the other direction as normal. Other spots had double the current as usual. While the wind was playing around all day: there was wind, no wind, strong wind, no wind. A full day of Spearfishing in Cozumel, all ingredients for a challenging adventure. Now, we’ve been spearfishing for quite some years now, so we became a bit picky on the fish for Friday night dinner, haha. We decided (to make the day even more complicated) to hunt just for Grouper and Snapper today.

We hunted for hours and hours. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Cozumel waters, Spotted Eagle Rays, Turtles and the sound of Dolphins, even though we did not see them. We did spot good fish to eat during the day. Thousands of big Triggerfish, couple of Spanish Mackerels, smaller Permit and mid size Mangrove Snappers. A big Black Grouper was smarter than us. It just did not came close enough to take a good shot. A fish like this, you only shoot when you are sure you will get it.

Mentally one has to be strong to not shoot fish, even when the sun almost goes down. Our mission today was: Snapper or Grouper.

Our last spot in Cozumel was a a so called “anything can happen here spot”. Anibal and I were drifting with the current. The current took us out of the reef, we ended up in a sandy bottom area, some grass, some rocks and we decided to dive for 15 minutes more. Anibal did his last dive and when he came up, it was my time for the last dive of the day. Now, freediving and hunting is not only a physical adventure; your mind has to stay calm and positive until the last dive. That ain’t easy when you are a full day on the ocean, saw plenty of fish, but the cooler is still empty.

I prepared my dive, the last one… Dove down to the bottom (21.7m / 71ft), got into a horizontal position and let the current take me. Last dive, last dive, the message was in my head. I did not see any fish and my mind started to play tricks. I was testing a new speargun a manufacturer had sent us to try, and I started to think that it might be an unlucky gun. Of course that does not make any sense at all, but the thought came up. Then suddenly… something was moving quickly at “2 o’clock”. Immediately I focussed while staying calm. I did not move at all, the current took me and the fish that was swimming fast came closer to check me out. I had difficulties to keep myself under control. I was hunting deep on a single breath, it was my last dive of the day and I had a lucky/unlucky gun with me.

The fish appeared to be a Mutton Snapper. Delicious. And on the menu in Cozumel for today. The current was pushing me North but when the Snapper got in shooting range it suddenly changed direction. I kicked twice softly toward the Mutton Snapper and took the shot. Last dive. Mutton Snapper for dinner. What an adventure.

I went up; Anibal and I could not believe it. We tell our guests many times. “It can happen in your last dive”, and that is really true. Join us for a Spearfishing Adventure in Cozumel; remember the last dive may be your lucky dive.



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