Spearfishing Cancun Shipwreck

Spearfishing CancunCancun, famous Cancun. But not for spearfishing. Hotelzone, Coco Bongo, Springbreak, etc. But for spearfishing in Cancun you have to get up early and travel further before it gets interesting. It was a nice, early Tuesday morning and we were heading towards a marina in Cancun. The plan was we go out about 30 miles North East of Cancun. Seems to be a lot of life around some shipwrecks. Depths: 80 to 100 ft. Our guest wanted an adventure? Well he got it.

After a drive of 1.5 hours, we started to locate the first shipwreck. We did not immediately see it, but saw a lot of big silver movements in the ocean. Our guest and I got ready and jumped in the water. It does not matter if we see the shipwreck or not, it´s about catching dinner, not sightseeing. While the guest dove down, he saw many Rainbow Runners and Horse Eye Jacks. He came up and told me he saw some AmberJack a little bit deeper in the 35 kilo / 77 pounds category. My turn and I dove down. Same fishes on the way down, hardly any current and the big AmberJacks in sight.

Back on the surface, we discussed what to do. No shipwreck, let´s get one of those Amberjacks. The honor to the guest….

He went down to about 90ft/28 meters and that ride was amazing. The fish changed the deeper he dove. Just blue water, nada mas. He did not even have time to get into a horizontal position. Some Amberjacks surrounded him and then the biggest popped out of the group to check him out. Upside down he shot a great Amberjack. Fantastic to watch.

Back on shore, the Amberjack appeared to be 80 pounds/36.5 kilos.

Very nice catch, very nice pictures, jeje.

Cancun, we will be back.



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