Spearfishing Cubera Snapper Cozumel

This Sunday, it was a day to relax on Cozumel; and on a free day, yes, we go Spearfishing. Today Snapper was on the wish list, Cubera or Mutton. Man on a mission in Cozumel; Spearfishing for Snapper.

Currents in Cozumel were so strange, currents in circles, currents the other way around and all in high speed. Spearfishing in Cozumel had been great last couple of days. Jacks, Mahi, Mackerel and Trigger. No Snapper though.

First spot we did was too insane to continue doing. Current took us straight to shore of Cozumel away from the Spearfishing spot. No luck.

Second spot the current went into the other direction and it was tough to stay on the spot. This Spearfishing spot is my favorite one on Cozumel. Spearfishing over here is just paradise. High level difficulty and that´s ok, jeje. I dove down to 26.5 meters, you have to know we discovered a nice cave here earlier in the week, and found Grouper. As it was a Goliath Grouper I did not shoot it. On the way back up I ended up in a school of Horse Eye Jacks and some Cubera Snapper far away hiding behind the school. Remember Leo, today you are out Spearfishing in Cozumel for Snapper. So lucky Jacks.

Then Anibal suggested we would go to a place we haven´t been Spearfishing in years. Sounds good. Crazy currents again; and wind picked up in opposite direction. Jumped in, lots of Barracuda, some smaller Mackerel as well. “Snapper, Snapper, Snapper” in my mind. After about 20 minutes I saw a nice size Cubera Snapper swimming in the sand. I prepared my dive and dove down backwards so I could monitor the behavior of the Cubera Snapper. When I was at 15 meters the Cubera noticed me. I watched my heart rate was 64. I ignored the Cubera, watched the other way. And then the Cubera came up to check me out. I made the shot, though it was bad. I shot from upside-down against the current. When I pulled the Cubera up to the surface it escaped. Uff. I followed it swimming fast while reloading my gun. These are the moments you can give up or do the max to get dinner. The wounded Cubera swam into a little sailboat on the bottom at 17 meters….

I went down and watched inside the little sailboat. MY Snapper was hiding well. The big Nurse shark was very active in that relatively small space. Now. I know my Cubera Snapper is inside, so I don´t give up; Also I prefer not to upset the Nurse Shark. And then I saw at the side of the boat a pice of the tail of the Mutton Snapper sticking out. I did not hesitate, took a deep breath and was able to make a great shot from a little opening from the sailboat. But my shaft got stucked inside that little boat. THAT was no good news.

Took some time on the surface and dove again to the main entrance of the sailboat, stick my head and 1 arm in, said hello to the Nurseshark, and could release the shaft of my speargun and went back up again.

Waited for a while (I keep surface interval 2.5 times dive time in these cases depth/situations) and dove down again, and yeah, this time was lucky to realize shaft with the Cubera Snapper. CUBERA for DINNER in Cozumel!

We moved to another spot and there we found another Cubera. Mission of the day accomplished.
We shared the Cubera Snappers and all had great dinner.

Want to join us Spearfishing for Cubera Snapper on Cozumel? Check us out:


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