Spearfishing Dolphin Fish a.k.a. Mahi-Mahi in Playa del Carmen

Dolphin Fish are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean and this week I ran into hundreds of young Mahi Mahi, swimming around me in Playa del Carmen. Spearfishing Dolphin fish is pure adrenaline. I did not shoot one today though…

Dolphin fish and Mahi Mahi are the same fish, just a different name. Here in Playa del Carmen Mexico we call it Dorado. After spearfishing Dolphin Fish, it is quite common that on the boat the fish changes into a golden color, dorado in Spanish.

I went out with a good friend this week. The ocean was as calm as I had never seen it before, out in the open water the ocean was literally a mirror, freaking amazing! While snorkeling and watching sealife underneath me, something banged against my head. A big, heavy raft of seaweed. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of it and… hundreds, literally hundreds of Dolphin fish were swimming towards me. Entertaining, beautiful, and I just loved it. Dolphin fish often swim near floating wood, palm trees and sea weed; but when not specifically hunting for it, it is a very pleasant surprise to encounter it. Unexpected. The dolphin fish feed on fish and crabs found in the seaweed.

After having enjoyed the beautiful scenery, my hunting mind came up again. I mean, ultimately I was here to get us a good dinner. The Dolphin fish were small; but exactly the size you get served in restaurants as fried Dorado. The flesh of young Dolphin Fish is soft and oily, similar to sardines. I have to admit, it was seriously tempting spearfishing one, but I did not do it.

Don’t we all see pictures of enthusiastic spearos on Facebook and Instagram with a bunch of smaller Mahi Mahi’s speared? So why not? Males and females Mahi Mahi are sexually mature in their first year, usually by 4–5 months old. Spawning can occur at body lengths of 20 cm. Females may spawn two to three times per year, and produce between 80,000 and 1,000,000 eggs per event. So one should be patient and think about our future. I prefer to spear one when they are at least 2 to 3 years older.

Below are two interesting links I would like to share:

Watch this fantastic video about spearfishing Mahi Mahi in French Polynesia. Spearfishing Dorado straight of the boat.

This article is a great read to find out how fast Mahi Mahi grows and you’ll understand why I did not spearfish the little one.

Are you interested in ending up in a raft of seaweed and spearfishing a big Dolphin fish – Mahi Mahi in Playa del Carmen Mexico? Learn more about spearfishing Playa del Carmen!



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