Spearfishing for Sashimi in Playa del Carmen

Besides being pretty good spearos, we developed ourselves as pretty good cooks as well, haha, well not all of us… Anyhow.

What we do with the fish we catch? EAT it. All fish we catch we share with our guests and crew. No matter who shot it.

We eat our fish fried, grilled, cooked and raw as well. In a salad, in a sandwich, in a taco, with pasta or with rice.

This week I was really craving for some raw fish. And my favorite for that is the Cero Mackerel (looks like Spanish Mackerel). After a couple of days of strong winds in the water you could clearly see parts with stirred up sand in between blue parts. Perfect circumstances for Mackerel.

This fish came towards me when I was hanging out at about 20ft in an area of about 100ft. It is great to dive shallow and to see what kind of running fish will approach you when you are in a deep area.

A Cero is a not the biggest fish to catch, though its taste is in my personal top 5.

Sashimi tonight!



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