Spearfishing Horse-Eye Jack in Playa del Carmen

Hi everybody!

This is Diego, Mr SpearfishingToday in Playa del Carmen. How are you? Wanted to share an adventure I had a few days ago. We went out with a guest from Monterrey, Mexico, that brought his two “little” sons and a “little” cousin. The kids had never snorkeled before. So we started spearfishing from scratch, snorkeling and a bit of freediving in shallow areas. We saw great corals and delicious fishes. It was amazing. They developed so quickly, naturals, diving a lot trying to get lunch.

In the second half of the trip, I was so confident about them that I decided to give them an unforgettable experience. I took them to a spot that is very deep, around 75 feet. What? Yes, when I am 100% sure they will be fine we will do that. Of course, I do not expect them to dive that deep, but most of the time, we find big fish in that area that swims pretty shallow (around 15 feet). So when the kids are comfortable, they will have a blast looking at big fish.

So we were snorkeling in that clear blue water. Mackerels passing by… Rainbow Runners… and then BOOOOM, we caught a Horse Eye Jack. They were very happy and me as well, it was spearfishing at the finest. These kids embrace the sport and fell in love with it. This day I learned that kids are just small in size. When you give them the opportunity with the right tools, lessons and all the confidence… they are able to do amazing big things.



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