Spearfishing is Sustainable Fishing

Fishing with a Speargun these days is considered as something cruel and anti ecological; I dare to state the opposite; Spearfishing is Sustainable Fishing.

Social media are full of alfa men and alfa women, showing off their biggest catch. Understandable, once and a while we are showing off as well, but these pictures are not so good to explain the essence of spearfishing. The avant garde of spearfishing understands the basic idea: hunt for food on a single breath. Not for pictures, not with scuba, not for sport. Spearfishing became more and more popular in the last years, which is great! Though also has a down side with crazy products, crazy marketing, and unsafe practices. I might not make myself popular among spearos, but we have a vision, and I need to speak up.

Spearfishing is a sport, but it is not for competition. It is to get food on the table. Yes, correct we are a spearfishing charter, but our goal is to teach people about sustainable fishing while having a splendid (and safe) time. I dare to come home with 1 Triggerfish, just to have a great dinner.

Our greatest motivation is something very simple; since the beginning of time we have hunted for food, survived, and nothing more. I swim in the ocean, hold my breath, and catch a fish. The fish I shoot is an animal being free in its own natural environment, selected by size, has already multiplied itself and does not suffer that much as being thought. Beef for example, mainly comes from a natural area that was cleared for this purpose. The animal has a controlled life, is not free, generates pollution, suffers much at death and is part of an endless chain.

We human beings have great power; we have fishing nets, hooks and spearguns. I do spearfish! I choose what I catch by size (sexually mature), species (not endangered), behavior (not reproducing), time of year (season) and area (unprotected). I fish to share with our families, friends and guests.

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Less than 1% of harvested fish around the world is caught with a speargun. The capture rate is much lower compared to industrial fishing. I repeat we do not shoot fish for a great picture or to prove manhood. I only spear the fish I like and that we’re going to eat.

Spearfishing is not just shooting every fish that is passing by. I think and then pull the trigger. Great power, great responsibility…Spearfishing is Sustainable Fishing.



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