Spearfishing Mexico and Sustainable Food – 0 Km Fish – Zero Km food

First of all, thank you all for your support in 2022. We kicked ass and shot fish! Thanks to who went out with us Spearfishing in Mexico. Thanks to the team and thank you mother nature. The team of Spearfishing Today wishes you Happy Holidays! And extend to you our very best wishes for 2023! Sustainable Food and 0 Km Fish? Choose what you eat.

2022 has been a wonderful year with lots of people being taught how to spearfish in Mexico, with lots of people improving their free diving skills, with lots of fish tacos, and simply a year with more friendships.

Spearfishing Today in Mexico, founded in 2008, is more aware, year after year, of what Spearfishing could mean for the world. Years ago, in 2016 to be precise, I personally put my speargun in the closet and started to use a pole spear only. The reason behind this decision, was not only that I had already shot every fish you can imagine, but also to create more awareness in the Spearfishing world of the power we have to kill fish. Sustainable food is the future. Note. Spearfishing with a pole spear is considerably more difficult than with a speargun. With the latest generation roller spearguns one can shoot fish at a distance of 45 ft, a pole spear needs to be in 3 ft range of the fish.

“Spearfishing in itself is a Sustainable, pure, and simple sport; a way to catch fresh fish for food. That scenario changes when the person pulling the trigger does not care about sustainability or spearfishes simply to hunt or kill; then Spearfishing becomes just as detrimental to the environment as commercial net fishing. As spearfisher men and women we have great power; and with that also comes great responsibility. I am worried and concerned that the emphasis in Spearfishing has shifted from a “green” method to obtain fresh fish using talent and skill to a hi-tech kill zone with no respect for the environment.” Read more here about having great power is having great responsibility.

At that time my decision was laughed at by quite some people in the Spearfishing world. Though now, 6 years later I experience that more people are on a spiritual and Sustainable journey. And with that, consciousness arrises. The consciousness of Sustainable food.

I see the urge for information and the movement of consciousness growing; Spearfishing Today has always preached from sea to table: you only kill what you eat. This means we are not in favor of Spearfishing charters, shooting tons of fish. As founder and owner of the company, this has not always been easy internally, but it’s my vision, my belief.

At one time in my life I did not understand vegan people and neither did I understand the zero waste movement. For 2023 I wish for everybody more consciousness and I wish all to live in in the most sustainable way. Besides that for 2023 I wish all would get to know and to support the 0 km movement. The what…? Choose what you eat!

What is Zero Km food? What is 0 Km Fish? Choose what you eat!

All the above being said, we at Spearfishing Today in Mexico became a big fan of the 0 km food movement.  Zero km food (0 km food) is a concept which a few years ago first appeared in Italy. It denotes the food produced, sold and eaten locally – the food which travelled zero kilometers. Mainly it refers to non-industrial fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, honey, etc, which does not go trough global trade chains, therefore it does not have big price margins and quality lose during long storage in international supermarkets. It also has an important ecological aspect which can not be overseen – since there is no transport involved (we buy from the shop on the corner), the environment does not suffer from direct and indirect pollution.

Benefits of 0-KM food:

  • Environmentally friendly: doesn’t involve importing food from foreign countries (by ship, train or even plane).
  • Tastes better: fresher and better quality (doesn’t lose quality because of long storages or transportations).
  • Supports unique local food species to not be lost.
  • Makes us more independent since we don’t depend on global food players.

Zero km food is important from the perspective of tourism and nation branding. Each country has its own traditional food, more or less famous, depending on the country. These traditions should be kept, both for the nation pride, identity and nation brands, but also for tourism. People travel to various places, and their aim is to taste local food produced locally which can not be found somewhere else. In tourism zero km food has an important role.

When you are vacationing in our area (Cancun, Cozumel, Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Tulum), we would like to motivate you to go for 0 km food and 0 km fish. Eat local!

Local and seasonal cuisine

When 0 km. ingredients come into modern kitchens, we are also favoring the economy of the city we live in. We can recover, from our recipe book, local raw materials that we had forgotten, such as some vegetables, rather than using the ingredients that are easier to buy in large supermarkets. In that sense we also contribute to their conservation.

Another factor is seasonal ingredients. It is, no doubt, a great opportunity to bring back seasonal dishes that encourage a healthier diet, which is more varied and full of flavors.  At the same time, having a seasonal calendar will help us understand how expensive it is to buy some fruits and vegetables during their off-season, when we visit the supermarket.

Foods with generally the lowest environmental impact often have the largest health benefits (lowest relative risks of disease or mortality), and the food with the largest environmental impact — such as unprocessed and processed red meat — often have the largest negative impact on human health.

Today, the food industry contributes a quarter of the global carbon footprint. However, limiting food trafficking is possible because it is a choice that each of us can make individually, producing beneficial effects for all. Trying to introduce more local products into one’s diet would help both the local economy and the environment, also offering us healthier, fresher and tastier food.

Furthermore, buying zero-kilometer products makes it easier to avoid unnecessary packaging and thus helps to reduce the volume of waste, especially plastic. We can use cotton bags to carry all the products bought at a stand in our neighborhood. Zero mile farming also helps limit the amount of food that is wasted before it even reaches the consumers.

Before it becomes reality, we would like to invite you to pay attention to the origin of the products you use in your kitchen. Where can we buy 0 km products? We will find them in local farmers’ markets, in solidarity purchasing groups, in the so-called farmer markets ( directly from agricultural entrepreneurs).

And again, when vacationing here, join us spearfishing to go for 0km fish. Never spearfished before? Not a problem at all, we will teach you how to. And when eating in a restaurant in Cancun, Cozumel, Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, ask for local fish! Choose what you eat! Spearfishing Mexico and Sustainable Food – 0 Km Fish – Zero Km food!  Use #zerokmfood and #zerokmfish


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