Spearfishing News Mexico

10 Things Every Newbie Should Know About Spearfishing in Mexico

Are you thinking about going spearfishing in Mexico? Check out our Spearfishing Mexico facts and learn these ten things you should definitely know about spearfishing

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Cancun art studio Divertimento Taller

The New Cancun Spearfishing Art Project Called Spearo Art

Our new Cancun Spearfishing art project combines spearfishing with art. That’s because normal is boring. A lifetime of routine and security may be for some.

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Slow Fish Spearfishing Today off Cozumel Mexico

The Slow Fish Movement & Spearfishing Today

Slow Fish. More than a simple concept, it’s a way of life. At Spearfishing Today, we strongly believe in contributing to the sustainability of our

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spearfishing isla mujeres

Spearfishing in Mexico. Be more with Less.

If you think Spearfishing is for wealthy, fearless men and women that kill fish for fun, you are so wrong. At Spearfishing Today, we teach

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Spearfishing Youth kids learn to hunt

Spearfishing with Today’s Youth. An Opportunity for the Future.

Teaching Today’s youth how to get food responsibly using a Speargun, is a great Opportunity. Not only do they learn what Spearfishing is all about –

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Grouper Season Mexico 2017

Grouper Season 2017

Grouper is NOT in Season in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico from February 1st ,2017 until March 31st, 2017; so, in these days

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spearfishing polespear power responsibility

Pesca con arpón. Gran poder. Gran responsabilidad.

“Deben considerar que una gran responsabilidad resulta indisolublemente de tener gran poder”, Voltaire, 1793. “¡… con gran poder también viene una gran responsabilidad!”, tío Ben

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spearfishing polespear power responsibility

Spearfishing. Great Power. Great Responsibility.

“They must consider that great responsibility follows inseparably from great power.” – Voltaire, 1793 “…with great power there must also come –great responsibility!” – Uncle

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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 Spearfishing Mexico

Being originally from Europe, now living and Spearfishing Mexico, closer to the United States of America and Canada, introduced me to different cultures and festivities.

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