Spearfishing Techniques: How to Spearfish

Spearfishing TechniquesI often get the question “How do you approach the fish you want to shoot?” or “Do you have to sneak up on the fish from behind?”.

Well, no technique works every time…. and some techniques which have not worked before… may work this time. The key is to keep trying and think like a hunter because…. that is what you’re doing!  Not every fish will come right to you.

Here are some things to try:

1. Dive where you think fish might be – They may be there…they may not, but you increase your chances if you look in good hiding spots.  Sometimes if you dive and put yourself into position then maybe a fish will come around the corner and you’ll be ready.  They won’t have time to take off!

2.  The more you dive the luckier you get – Sometimes people get lucky and shoot fish from the surface but most fish are shot below.  This means that your chances increase the more often you dive down and make an effort.  The best scenario is to dive with a buddy and get rest while your friend is diving down and the once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath…..dive again!  Also, don’t feel like you must see the fish you want from the surface before you dive.  Some of the best catches are made when you didn’t see your eventual target from the top!

3.  Move slow – It may sound like its common sense or maybe you think its not that important, but slow gradual movements really do make a difference.  If you were a fish and something was moving erratically what would you do?  You’d swim off!  Try not and make a lot of movements directly at your target so as not to reveal your intentions.

Remember, these are just a few tips.  You can still break these rules and catch fish.  These just increase your chances.

Sometimes, fish will nearly beg you to spear them!!!



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