Spearfishing Greater Amberjack: The One That Got Away

The story of Spearfishing Greater Amberjack and the one that got away.

Depth: 53ft.
Time: 1.43 minutes.
Fish: Greater AmberJack.
Tool: Keller Polespear.

Hard work should be rewarded, but….

While diving in the 50ft zone, I ended up in a school of Amberjack.

Instead of shooting one, I just enjoyed being in between them to see how close they would really approach me.

The feeling is so great: “hanging in there” while you can almost touch the fish.

When something inside of me told me it is time to get some air again, I decided to shoot myself some dinner; should have thought of that before.

For many seconds I had great chances to let go of my pole spear, 100% guaranteed fish.

The Amberjacks were still super close to me, but did not give me the right angle anymore.

Some in the school noticed a difference in my energy and started to move away. More followed, I had to act quick now. I pulled back my polespear to load it and knew I had to shoot in a couple of seconds or would have to buy myself dinner instead.

The fish that stayed the closest moved a bit, enough to take a shot.

I let go of my polespear and hit the fish. The tip went in the Amberjack, but did not penetrate the fish completely.

The angle was not good enough.

My buddy did not have a gun for a secure shot, so…. we let the fish get tired. We lost it though.

The one that got away.

All was left was a piece of meat on the tip of my polespear for one bite of sashimi.

Oooh and the footage….

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  1. Roman February 28, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    Great write up Leo! I can imagine the school of Amberjack. I can’t wait to see that VIDEO amigo!

  2. leo February 28, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Working on it right now amigo

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