Whether you are a beginner Spearo or an experienced hunter, you never must stop learning. At Spearfishing Today we meet Spearos from all over the world, and every time we meet someone new, we learn new things: fish behavior, hunting and diving techniques, Spearfishing gear and more . Our friend Jon (, wrote a nice article on his website full of Spearfishing Tips. So with pleasure we share these with you.

Since a kid Jon is a true fishing lover and he learned from all the advice and Tips he got from other fishermen and women. Enjoy reading Jon´s 39 must know Spearfishing Tips for becoming a great Underwater Hunter.

Spearfishing Tips:

  • Locating game fish and developing a sense of where the fish is.
  • Spearfishing Tips for surface diving.
  • How to free dive to mid water level.
  • How to free dive to the bottom and wait for the fish.
  • Spearfishing Tips for stalking and shooting.
  • How to be quieter while Spearfishing.
  • How to use a pole spear.

Spearfishing Rules of Thumb

Jon is describing some Spearfishing Rules of Thumb. One of them “The dirtier the water, the spookier the fish.” does not match our experience. In our area, The Mexican Caribbean it is actually the opposite. We are used to very clear blue water and the fish is relatively spooky. So on days with dirty water / bad visibility fish feels it is less visible. So when you are quiet, in our experience you will have a greater chance coming home with fish in dirty water than clear water.

In the part where Cast & Spear is writing about Spearfishing Tips for beginners we would like to add: Hunt with a buddy. We know, not always easy. But honestly, the best Spearfishing Tip we can add is: NO EXCUSES. NO BUDDY, NO SPEARFISHING!!

Read more about Spearfishing for Beginners:

Lion fish hunting

We loved Jon saying this: “Remember, if you have any questions about spearfishing, ASK! There shouldn’t be any egos involved especially when starting out. Don’t waste time or put yourself in bad situations because you were afraid to ask.” This is so true!

Jon and myself are A great example of sharing Tips and Advice among each other; educate each other and to share differences in cultures. Jon went out Spearfishing in Tulum Mexico and shot Parrot Fish. He proud, we disappointed. Spearfishing Parrot fish is legal is Mexico, but you just should no do it. Keep sharing your Tips!

See you soon at Spearfishing Today in Cancun, Cozumel, Holbox, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen or Tulum. To get new Spearfishing Tips or to share your own….


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