Spearfishing with Today’s Youth. An Opportunity for the Future.

Teaching Today’s youth how to get food responsibly using a Speargun, is a great Opportunity. Not only do they learn what Spearfishing is all about – but you’re teaching this next Generation how to care about our planet. Teaching children concepts like Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability: that’s taking care of the future.

“Roughly 76 percent of the Youth of Today strongly believe issues like climate change can be solved if action is taken now. They also think safeguarding important lands and waters should be a priority regardless of any ancillary benefits and the struggling economy.” (Source: The Nature Conservancy)

Recently I went out Spearfishing with a great family. I told them my story – when I started Spearfishing Today from scratch –  I used to barter two Triggerfish I caught for one pizza. A real treat. The pizza was freshly made using locally sourced ingredients like basil, tomato and pineapple –  all found here on Cozumel island. The kids had no idea you could make a pizza yourself or even with ingredients out of your own garden. Surprisingly, their response was “I thought you could only order pizza”.

We had a successful Spearfishing trip, in fact, one of the kids shot a Triggerfish and together we made fresh ceviche from his own catch. You should have seen their eyes open wide with wonder and excitement.

We ate the ceviche. Fresher than fresh; made with a Fish speared by the next Generation. This whole incident spurred on a very interesting conversation, that created an epiphany for the entire family and broadened their perspective enormously. They were kind enough to follow up with an email that inspired this article:  Spearfishing with today’s youth. An Opportunity for the Future.

Taking kids out Spearfishing Today is an opportunity. Not just because it is a great exercise and a great adventure. You’re teaching the next generation teamwork, sustainability, and above all, a sense of Responsibility.

As a family you will bond in the water. This is a super opportunity for children to reach attainable goals in a relatively short time. Free Diving and Hunting skills can be honed in just a few hours.  Sure there will be a few “tough” moments, however as a group and a family, everyone can be proud of each other’s efforts to get food on the table.

Spearfishing is the ultimate way to obtain food in a Sustainable way. While it might not be possible for you to fish daily when you return home. Spearfishing together, and educating your children as to where Food comes from, will inspire them to think about the implications and ramifications as to where their food comes from.  Instead of just opening a can of “tuna”, you can inspire a child to think  “hey… where does this tuna come from?”

In case you don’t speak fluent teenager; caring about the Environment is now very cool. When I was younger, organizations like Greenpeace were absolutely “uncool” among the majority of the people. As was Spearfishing: a very uncool activity. At that time we did not realize how Sustainable Spearfishing is. Now not only is Spearfishing Sustainable and cool but taking care of our oceans is also trending.

Oscar winning actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has set up a entire foundation (LDF) designed to bring attention and needed funding to four focus areas—protecting biodiversity, oceans conservation, wild lands Conservation, and climate change.

Spearfishing Youth Kids Today

Spearfishing Today believes that getting the next Generation outdoors and giving them meaningful experiences in that environment – like Spearfishing –  is the key to getting them to care about the Environmental issues of our day.

“Youth are optimistic that their Generation can find solutions to the world’s toughest Environmental problems.”   – Optimistic news from the Nature Conservancy

Apparently, one of the best options for getting the next generation outside and Environmentally aware is peer pressure: 91% of youth polled in the Nature Conservancy’s study said that if a friend encouraged them to spend more time outdoors they would listen.

The most frequently asked Question at Spearfishing Today is, “What is the minimum age to join your Spearfishing trips?” The answer can be found on our website

“No minimum and maximum age. You have to be able to swim and listen to directions” . Someone needs to be comfortable in the water. Sounds logical, right? Another important thing is that someone needs to be able to listen to us well. We explain Free Diving and how to Hunt in a calm and efficient manner.

The kiddos in this picture are brothers Ethan & Cameron (to avoid  any misunderstanding, these are not the pizza kids). For many years, these two have joined their parents,Ted & Michelle,  on their Spearfishing trips with Spearfishing Today in here in Cozumel, Mexico. Two fine young men proud of themselves, who’ve been taught the right attitude towards protecting and preserving our planet, who know how to spend time outside and what (not) to eat. Spread the word guys, tell your peers.  Tell them the previous generation sends it’s regards.



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