Spearfishing Wahoo Ono Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Spearfishing Wahoo (Ono in Hawaii) is a dream of many spearos. It is a delicious fish to eat and Spearfishing one means a guaranteed rush of adrenaline. Read with us about our latest adventure Spearfishing a Wahoo Ono in Playa Del Carmen Mexico; and we give you tips about behavior and where to aim.

Wahoo or Ono is known for its speed (up to 60mph /100kmh) and high quality flesh. You generally won´t find it while Spearfishing in reefs here in Mexico. It is a typical deep blue fish, even in blue waters not too far from land like in our locations Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahoo

Wahoo Looks like a torpedo. The back is blue, the body is silver with vertical blue bars.  Wahoo grows fast, like 10 kilo a year and as said it swims very fast. Most of the times when we are spearfishing in the blue and we spot Wahoo, it is solitary; though when conditions are right it might be in larger groups. We find Wahoo in high speed currents. Wahoo is a curious fish and will come and check you out. When you are in the blue, sooner or later, you will run into a wahoo, with or without the use flashers to attract them. Important is to shut off engines nearby and let the fish come to you. Wahoo will arrive when you’re least expecting it…

After spearfishing a Wahoo be prepared for its speed and strength for first the run. So where to target a Wahoo? Basically 2 options. Target the tail or target just behind the gills. Shooting in the tail definitely will tire out the Wahoo quicker. Though you have a chance the hole in the flesh will get bigger and bigger while the Wahoo swims and you might loose your catch. Shooting behind the gills will avoid that problem, though the Wahoo takes off fast, guaranteed.

Also check out: http://www.spearfishing.com.au/sf-blog/how-to-catch-wahoo/ and http://www.spearfishing.co.uk/spearo-hub/how-to-spearfish-wahoo/.  “Once speared, Wahoo run extremely fast. Be careful not to get stuck in your tow line when this happens, and be prepared to let go. It is one thing to lose your speargun while trying to take out a big fish, but losing your life over it just ain’t worth it!”

So this day in August all signs were there to encounter Wahoo. Guide Diego was in Playa del Carmen Mexico spearfishing with our guests. High speed current and sun and clouds were on and off. Our guests of today wanted Pelagic fish. We choose our spot in Playa del Carmen carefully and decided to let the current take us for about 30 minutes. Then back on the boat and do the same ride over again. More than 2 hours the same game over and over again. Mackerel, Barracuda and Rainbow Runners were spotted and even a lost Grouper came up to see what was going on at the surface. Then… then… suddenly Diego spotted a Torpedo snapped shadow. It was cruising contra current and “oooh yes, that certainly looks like a Wahoo, actually a BIG Wahoo”. Carefully he reached out to our guest and pointed out the Wahoo / Ono and told the guest not to be too eager and to try to approach the Wahoo from the top. Our guest did so and shot the Wahoo. Not in the best spot, almost center body. Immediately after spearfishing the Wahoo it took off into deeper waters, leaving Playa del Carmen, taking down the gun and floats….. Time to get back on the boat and after 10 minutes the first float popped up. And then the second one. The Wahoo was still on the spear and a secure shot was not needed. Happy client. Happy Guide. Dinner time in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

Flesh of Wahoo is white to grey. We don´t particularly eat Wahoo as sashimi. So let´s give you some cooking ideas for Wahoo:


Blackened Wahoo

Personally I love this recipe, simple grilled Wahoo.

Also dreaming of Spearfishing Wahoo Ono in Mexico? Check out our intermediate and advanced spearfishing trips: https://spearfishingtoday.com/product-tag/intermediate/ and https://spearfishingtoday.com/product-tag/advanced/. For Wahoo we depart from Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen Mexico Hasta pronto?


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