Spearfishing with a Smile

Anibal here from Cozumel. How are you?

Spearfishing and freediving are serious activities. Dangerous? Can be… If you don’t know what you are doing and if you do not control yourself. This week I went out with Craig. He went out with us before and we had a fantastic time. Love my job. I eat fresh fish a lot, jeje. Meeting wonderful people is another great part of my job as well. So Craig and I went along very well. And we caught good dinner for all of us.

Freediving safely is very important. Every free diver/hunter has to develop a comfort zone and then dive by the rules. I personally never dive on “automatic pilot”. Every dive is a serious dive. Though that does not mean we don´t smile, jeje.

Actually the team is always teasing me that when I get too old to be a spearo, I could work in toothpaste advertising. Spearfishing with a smile. YEAHHHHH!

In my right hand by the way I am holding a (very delicious) Rainbow Runner. That is such a great fish to hunt for. We do not have them a lot here. And you only have 1 chance if you see one. It´s a curious fish. It approaches you, but 1 movement too much and adios. It is a running fish, so it won´t stay at the same spot.



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