Later in time more details. Just could NOT wait to share this with you. Last Saturday, we were honored to be able to test the only existing scope on a speargun. We tested the scope up to 60ft and what an experience. Basically, nowadays we ourselves shoot fish with our eyes closed, hihi. So this gave a complete new idea to spearfishing. Don´t think this is a cheap gadget. This scope is made for military/law enforcement use only so far.

Diego and I tested it. Made footage and enjoyed it.

That night, I was thinking that spearfishing with a scope felt like being in a movie. Or in a video game. Diego advised me that I should buy a Playstation since I really liked this feeling, jeje.

So watching through the scope you will see a red circle. So when the red circle is on the fish, you shoot. Good: you´re sure you will hit the fish. As well as you don´t get distracted by the surroundings.

Bad: Diego and I seriously aimed (so NOT shoot) on everything. It was just too cool to see that red circle on a target. Oooh my…. boys boys boys….



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