Thanksgiving 2016 Spearfishing Mexico

Being originally from Europe, now living and Spearfishing Mexico, closer to the United States of America and Canada, introduced me to different cultures and festivities. Thanksgiving is one of them. While living in Europe I had heard of it: Thanksgiving = turkey. But what was I wrong, what a beautiful day. Our Thanksgiving 2016 in Mexico means Spearfishing. We celebrate the harvest in our own way.

I hope you take the time to read the thoughts and message behind the Spearfishing picture we took for Thanksgiving Mexico 2016.

Check it out:

What is Spearfishing about? Spearfishing should primarily be done to get food on the table. Punto! Spearfishing should have nothing to do with shooting a World Record fish, or Spearfishing as many fish as you can. We as Spearfishermen and women are definitely partly responsible how our oceans looks like now and in the future. Actually this is an opportunity. Without a doubt we are examples, we should be! Examples how to get food in a way that is balanced. A balanced way of fishing for food and keep our ocean full of life.

With taking this picture for Spearfishing Thanksgiving in Mexico 2016 we want to express that Spearfishing is NOT about tough guys showing big fish. It is a sustainable way to feed ourselves, our family and friends.

We also want to express Spearfishing together and eating your catch together will create intense memories. Creating memories in life is easily said nowadays. Taking a picture, upload it, yeah, a memory it is. Creating intense memories is something different. Going together looking for food and sharing this pure way of getting dinner will create a bond and is guaranteed for a couple of great stories at the dining table.

Spearfishing connects people. It does not matter who you are: old or young; man or woman; gay or straight; 0, 1 or 20 tattoos; religious or atheist; educated or not educated; royal or not; let´s get food together and eat it together. Let´s have an adventure together, enjoying the ocean, diving down and catch a good fish. Eating our catch and talk and talk more. Different people, different perspectives.

Thanksgiving 2016 Spearfishing Mexico for me is to thank our team for being who they are. Themselves. Being themselves. Thank you friends and guests for letting us be who we are. Thank you beautiful Mexico for giving the opportunity to live and work without prejudices, to let us be who we are. And for sure I want to thank the ocean for supplying us Spearfishing adventures and food in Mexico.To let us be who we are. Spearfishing for food in Mexico. Thank you Hotel Ventanas al Mar in Cozumel ( for offering this great location to celebrate Thanksgiving Spearfishing in Mexico 2016.

Thank YOU for connecting us, whoever you are.


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