First time Spearfishing: 3 Tips for Beginners

How exciting. Is your First time Spearfishing around the corner? Are you preparing well and looking for more information? Let us share with you 3 Tips for Beginners.

Spearfishing Today exists 10 years this year. And I still remember as the day of yesterday my first fish. We planned a BBQ party with some friends in Cozumel and a friend Gabriel and myself would take care of the fish. This picture says it all. Big smile. Small fish. Everybody hungry.

First Time Spearfishing

1 Why should you go Spearfishing?

It is important you realize why you go Spearfishing. This is where it should start well: the right mindset. You should Spearfish to get food on the table for the day. I fully understand that at a certain point you want bigger fish. BUT Spearfishing is not a sport. I would like to ask you to think well. Why are there Spearfishing tournaments? Why are there registers of Spearfishing Records? I respect the persons that join these events, but Spearfishing is not a competition. It is an opportunity to get fresh food in a sustainable way. First time Spearfishing? Enjoy eating your catch. Beginners? Be more picky on the fish you shoot and enjoy your food even more.

2 What gear do you need to go Spearfishing?

Spearfishing for the future should be done freediving. So what do you need to get started First Time Spearfishing? Basics are a Speargun, pole Spear or Hawaiian sling. Fins, mask and snorkel. And we strongly recommend a float, float line and a stringer. Depending the area you spear in, needed gear could include a wetsuit and knife. I personally started with a small and cheap speargun and regular snorkel fins. What I would do different is immediately buy a decent and safe speargun instead. In a second stage you could look into diving socks, freediver watch, flashers, a spare gun, spare parts, a bag, etc.

Freediving spearfishing catch

3 What are the basic Safety rules for Spearfishing?

Whether this is your First Time Spearfishing, you´re still a Beginner or you are a Pro: safety first. ALWAYS!!! In Spearfishing there is no grey area. Safety is black or white. When Freediving make sure you don’t go out just by yourself. We understand, your friend cancelled and you really want to go. Don´t.!!! Simply don’t go. Always go out with a buddy and monitor each other in the water. We, at SpearfishingToday, use the system “1 up, 1 down”; this means when your buddy is diving, you stay at the surface watching your buddy. It is also recommendable to agree on simple hand signals with your buddy. Swimming and Diving with a Speargun means you are carrying a weapon in the water. So here as well: Safety first. On the surface we swim with the safety on. When we dive down we take off the safety. We never shoot up. And we don’t shoot when there is someone behind the target. We don’t carry loaded Spearguns on the boat. And of course never point the Speargun at someone. Then about yourself and safety. When Spearfishing make sure you are fit and sober. Alcohol and drugs don’t go together with hunting in the water. And think well in the water. Taking risks is part of Spearfishing. But take them calculated. No catch is worth is putting yourself in danger.

More info about Spearfishing for Beginners.

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