Your First Time Spearfishing!

Your first time SpearfishingWhat do you NEED to know!?

Many people try spearfishing for the first time with us, and honestly, many of these trips are the most fun. It is so cool to be present with people when they try something new and exciting…and many people get hooked! Often times, people have so many expectations and curiosities about what it takes to spearfish so I wanted to give a few things to keep in mind if your trip with us will be your first time.

1. Relax. – Just enjoy the day and the new experience. Please do not be too concerned with catching the biggest fish or any fish at all. Some people catch fish their first time…. some people don’t Some of that is hard to control, so just enjoy the experience for what it is. A chance to check an item off the bucket list and maybe catch some fresh dinner. And if you don’t catch it…. I’ll be trying to catch it for you!

2. Know your fish. – Obviously, we don’t expect you to be Jacques Cousteau your first time out, but the better you can identify fish the easier it will be to choose your target wisely!

Of course, we will review the fish we are trying to get prior to the trip and will do our best to point out the correct ones, but sometimes, when there are 10 fish species all around each other and we point at one…. people say “Which one?!”. Fishbase is one of my favorite sites because it has pictures.

3. Dive often. – If you see fish…dive down. If you don’t…dive down. The more you dive the better your chances and the more comfortable you will get. Really. Spearfishing is just like any other activity in that the more you attempt the luckier you will be

So, there iare a few quick tips for your first time! Hope to see you soon!



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